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Office Facilities

Several facilities at the Bloem showgrounds are utilized for office space. These venues are accessible, central, safe and cost effective.

Companies that have office or business premises at the Bloem showgrounds:

  • Waldorf Flowers
  • Zebbies Lighting
  • Pack and Go Packaging
  • Vrystaat Karavane
  • Business Wise
  • Bloem Rent a Trailer
  • Marinels
  • T Sat Communications
  • SAPS Mounted Unit
  • Helena Botha Gymnastics Club
  • Bloemfontein Gymnastics Club
  • Bloemfontein Action Sports
  • Bloem Fun Centre
  • Crossfit Resuelto
  • Warriors Pub & Grill
  • Food 4 Kids
  • National Woolgrowers Association of SA


The Bloem show grounds have the answer for your mass and small storage needs.  The facilities are accessible, safe, central and cost effective.

Send your specific needs to us and we will compile a quotation for your specific needs.

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